Model Drawing events for artists, absolute beginners and everyone inbetween!


Just so you know. This site contains nudity.


Upcoming Events

Why Draw?

Drawing is good for you.
Drawing trains your fine motor skills, stimulates concentration, and reduces stress.
In a world where we are deluged with stimuli, drawing causes us to sit still, observe, and admire the beautiful world and the people which surround us.

Why Drink?

The drinks are symbolic for the social aspect of DnD. Drinking is not necessary at all. Lots of events happen in places where it is not even allowed to drink. So we Dance and Draw, Cake and Draw, Kink and Draw or Swing and Draw. We tried to change the name, but Drink & Draw just stuck. It works.. like Rock & Roll :)

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If you’re interested in private or corporate events, want to sponsor or participate, or have a great idea where or what to draw,

just contact us and let’s make it happen!