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EPIC DRAW @ KUMU - 20.08.2022

With 17 nude models posing on three different stages, and 130 artists attending we once again changed KUMU into the biggest art studio of Estonia! A huge big thanks to Anna-Josephine, Celios, Elina, Elio, Helena, Iris-Maria, Janek, Jelena, Kristina, Mari-Liis, Maria, Merábi, Sasha, Silver, Triin, Triinu and Viktoria who all graced the stage! You were all amazing! A lovely afternoon with some fine beats and excellent drinks! TANKER, Serena Prosecco and Splash! provided us with some extra inspiration! Kunst Ja Hobi and Cretacolor provided us with great materials to work and experiment with. Here some beautiful overview shots taken that day by Jelena and Argo. On our patreon we have a selection of our beautiful models in magnificent poses. Perfect reference pictures to finish your sketches or start new ones!

Last but not least, a big shout out to Anton, Bas, Eva-Erle, Irina and Külli for helping me to setup this madness! Could not have done it without you!

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