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Our Friends

Von Krahl

Von Krahl is where we're at! The place seems to have grown around us in the last few years and has become the perfect laidback, lounge setting to eat, drink and draw!



Fresh, inspiring and original. Obviously beneficial in all creative circumstances!  



They print on anything! They made the lovely and convenient drawingboards which we use at every session.


Kunst & Hobi

They have anything for our most sketchiest desires! Kunst and Hobi is our go-to artshop and makes sure that we always have a fresh supply of quality sketch materials like at our sessions for the forgetfull minded! 


Seene Värk

Every now and then, we'll add some Dragon Juice to lift the spirits! Lovely handmade Kombuchas by our friend and sponsor Seene Värk! 



We take care of the models, they take care of the drinks! We are so happy to have a fine friend and awesome sponsor in TANKER, who helps us to stay in good spirits with their lovely beers at our sessions! 



There arent a lot of printhouses in love with their work.

WABRIX is! Awesome prints! Calendars, sketchbooks, stickers, you name it! 

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