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Last week we opened our annual' ABSOLUT ART ' Drink & Draw exhibition! Over 100 works from over 40 artists of our community grace the walls of Sepikoja Galerii! Inmensely cool to see the progress of our regulars and all the potential of all our new members! Here some pictures of our very cozy opening and drawing session with Kristo Tomingas behind the bar and beautiful @a_zurova on stage! All pics by @Jelivaphotography The exhibition will be visible until 19.01.2024 at Sepikoja Galerii.

Our patreon has a huge collection of pictures, with uncensored close-ups and bodyshots, made of our local model at the Drink & Draw sessions. Perfect reference pictures to finish your sketches or start new ones! Support our models and become a Patron of DrinkanDraw !

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