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DnD Tallinn - DnD does SALME - 04.12.2022

All good things must end. As did our exposition in Salme. And so we did, with a great drawingparty with wonderfull Ekaterina on stage! A big thanks to all the artists who participated, and all those who came to look, draw, or drink, and made it the wonderfull experience that it was! You rock our world!

Big thanks to Salme Kultuurikeskus for trusting us and having us with all the accompanying madness in their house! And a huge thanks to our wonderfull sponsors KUNST & HOBI and Punch Club to keep us at work and in the zone!

I might have misspoken and accidentily mentioned in my enthusiasm that this would be an annual thing... If you're all in with as much zeal and energy as this year, then most definetely we will do it again next year!

All our love! Anton, Toon & Vira As usual, great pics by Jelena. More fantastic reference pics in our patreon! Our patreon has a huge collection of pictures, with uncensored close-ups and bodyshots, made of our local model at the Drink & Draw sessions. Perfect reference pictures to finish your sketches or start new ones! Support our models and become a Patron of DrinkanDraw !

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