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D&D - Cake An Draw / J-Tsoon4 - 22.04.2023

We got invited again at J-Tsoo at Kultuurikatel to track and trace all the crazy- beautiful COsplayers and put them on our stage for you to draw! It was a bit hectic, we moved all day from stage to stage, but that didnt hinder us! We artists, are just so happy and thankfull when you stop and pose that we'll sit anywhere you'll put us :) As usual, great pics by Argo. More fantastic reference pics in our patreon!

Our patreon has a huge collection of pictures, with uncensored close-ups and bodyshots, made of our models at the Drink & Draw sessions. Perfect reference pictures to finish your sketches or start new ones! Support our models and become a Patron of DrinkanDraw !

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